Streaming live video from Axis Encoder (Via VLC) to Android

by Jez » Fri, 30 Apr 2010 13:41:46 GMT

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 In my setup I have a live stream source connected which an Axis
encoder (250S) receives and encodes to MPEG2 which I then receive
VLC and re-stream out as an RTSP stream.

I'm attempting to display this LIVE video source using the Media
demo that comes with the Android SDK, i've also attempted to use a
http link in the Android emulator browser.

But to no avail, I don't ever see a video playing.

Can anyone confirm if the android emulator is able to play this type
of video source and if the
real android device say an HTC Hero could play this using RTSP.


Is there some fundamential thing i'm missing here ?



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