XML Schemas for Android namespaces?

by Erik Hellman » Tue, 06 Jan 2009 01:20:08 GMT

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I search for the XML schema defined by the namespace "http://
schemas.android.com/apk/res/android". I know this has been asked
before, but that was over a year ago. Are this schema available
somewhere? It would be really great if these could be published as it
would make XML editing MUCH easier for those of us  who prefer
NetBeans or IntelliJ.

Any progress on publishing these? If not, is there any other
specification available so that we (the community) could create the
schemas outselves?


// Erik


XML Schemas for Android namespaces?

by Ward Willats » Tue, 06 Jan 2009 01:50:19 GMT

 Hear hear. Even for those of us writing stuff by hand it would be useful.

I've been trying to get my head around what a definitive schema would 
be though. It seems like the way things like attrs.xml work (to 
define elements for custom controls) some of the XML grammar is 
defined at resource compile time by other XML. (A static schema would 
give you the meta-framework for this, but not the specific grammar 
for a particular compilation run.)

I'd still like to see the static schema though!

-- Ward


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XML Schemas for Android namespaces?

by Dianne Hackborn » Tue, 06 Jan 2009 10:54:47 GMT

 There isn't a schema for that.  The
 http://schemas.android.com/apk/resnamespace is a prefix for the 
symbols defined for any possible .apk, to
ensure they are not ambiguous with other XML namespaces.  You could possible
extend aapt to be able to generate some kind of schema when building a set
og resources, but the names here are really defined by the resource files.

Dianne Hackborn
Android framework engineer

Note: please don't send private questions to me, as I don't have time to
provide private support.  All such questions should be posted on public
forums, where I and others can see and answer them.


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