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by Vincent Chan » Sun, 10 May 2009 11:50:09 GMT

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1. PadKite鈩?: The first multitouch mobile mouse.

Hi Android Discuss,

We are about to launch PadKite in the Android
market and we are currently collecting feedback from real users. Beta
version now available for download at

Check out our spot to undertand the application.

PadKite is also an excellent app for tablets so we are also looking
for people to test it on their tablets. Whether your multitouch device
is a phone or tablet. Your feedback is very important to us. For any
questions, please reply to this post or contact us at

More about PadKite  PadKiteis the first multi-touch mobile mouse
created to manage the tiny content on our cellphone screens. Never
fumble or miss a target again. Breeze through favorite websites in a
flash with customizable multitouch gestures. Post media and text to
Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, all at the swoop of a fingertip. Like a
mouse, PadKitefeatures a floating cursor that can be dragged and
controlled, but still allows as to see the content below. PadKitemakes fast and precise selections of text, links, and media content
and with its powerful gesture kit allows users to instantly post
selected content such as texts, photos, videos or links to social
networks, simply by drawing a letter that represents the defined
gesture; for instance, swiping an to post at Facebook or a >
(beak) to post at Twitter, @ to send an e-mail, also works for
youtube, Wikipedia, Google Search & Translate.

Visit us at and follow us on Twitter at
Media questions? Contact us at


PadKite Team.


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Hi Guys,

Am using phonegap application in Eclipse to develop my Android Application.
I like to know programmatically turn off the auto suggest text when i type
in text box field in my app. because already  am using ajax response to show
my records.. Since this default auto suggest annoying.. please give your

Abdul Rahuman


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