Removing BC from Android

by Noel Yap » Fri, 30 Apr 2010 13:41:54 GMT

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> Service class is used to run something in background but for that we

I may be wrong, but it seems to me a Service doesn't follow the same
lifecycle of an application (or, better sayd, an Activity), such that it may
keep running whenever an activity may not.

In example, while when you switch to another activity the running
application may be asked to stop execution and even release context, a
Service doesn't follow this pattern and it can't stop this way.

Then, a Service is more or less like a "daemon" under Linux. I guess its
usage patterns are more or less like the daemon ones: it may be used to
provide background functionalities. Imagine, in example, that your Android
device carries a GPS. If you want to keep track of your daily journey, you
need a service which periodically receives GPS data and persists it

If you attempt doing that with a classic activity, you end saving only part
of your path, which is only when that activity is active.


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is the use of that? and what is the meaning of context. Does it have
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