Looking for developers who love to write

by fpc0 » Wed, 30 Jun 2010 02:52:43 GMT

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 We are launching a new mobile dev news portal and are looking for
developers of all platforms who would like to write feature articles,
tips, tricks and howtos for other developers. There will be a rev
share and plug as compensation. If interested and you would like to
know more please email d...@mobilemag.com


Other Threads

1. Android 1.0 Release Ported to Nokia N810

Hi, all,

We ported the Android open-source release to the Nokia N810.  This
involved patching the 2.6.25 Linux kernel with the N810 drivers and
hacking the userspace just a bit.  The system can boot,  WiFi doesn't
work (so no Internet access), and you have to pull the battery to
power it off.  But, hey, it's a start!

You can downoad the kernel patch, a kernel image, a userspace image,
and a list of userspace changes at the following link:


For people making other ports, I wrote up a technical backgrounder
with details at:


If a someone would like to try out our patches and images and let me
know what works, and what might not be clear or correct in the
instructions, I'd be thrilled.



P.S. Much thanks to the folks who made the pre-release Android work on
the N810 (Penguinbait, B-man, and QWERTY12).  Their work saved us a
lot of time.
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2. Native Development Kit

Last week, Brian Swetland posted a comment to the g1-hackers mailing
list referencing a so-called (heh, pun) Native Development Kit. This
piqued my interest. Although there is nothing on the roadmap relating
to an official framework for 3rd party native code, there seems to be
quite a lot of interest on this list as well as other places for such
a thing.

My question is: is this something that the Android team is working on/
plans to work on or just a theoretical possibility? If it is indeed
planned, is there a tentative timetable or description of the
implementation specifics? Will it be an extension of the existing SDK
(i.e. better documentation and support for shared object libraries) or
will it be a completely separate kit? I'm sure some third-party
projects (Mozilla, i'm looking at you) would be very interested in
this development.




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