Can I force Android to open a network connection on a specified network interface/network type ?

by Graeme » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 19:37:59 GMT

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I have been looking at the ConnectivityManager class documented at 

I would like to know if an Android application can open a network
connection (socket) on a specified network interface [on a device
supporting multiple network interface types WiFi, Cellular, WiMax
etc] ? I am looking for the capability for an application to open a
socket on a given type of network for example
over WiFi network or over 3G Cellular Data network.

If this is possible in Android, how would I code this requirement
within the API Framework ?
The ConnectivityManager enables an application to learn about
available network connections and
currently categorises them as either TYPE_WIFI or TYPE_MOBILE.

There is a member function in the ConnectivityManager class  called
requestRouteToHost(int,int) [see #requestRouteToHost(int,%20int)]
which "Ensure that a network route exists to deliver traffic to the
specified host via the specified network interface. An attempt to add
a route that already exists is ignored, but treated as successful."
Sounds like this would install an IP routing table entry to reach a
given host via a specified network interface type (WiFi or Mobile).
After calling this would it be sufficient for an application to open a
socket and connect to the desired destination address ?

Or perhaps the application needs to bind() a socket to a local address
of a network interface of the desired type (WiFi or Mobile)

Or by setting a socket-level socket option of SO_DONTROUTE ?

Any help would be appreciated

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