Calling Intent from Two Locations

by Mark Robinton » Sat, 01 Nov 2008 06:27:44 GMT

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I am trying to call an intent to select someone from the contactlist
from 2 different places in my program.

In one activity class (my main one) I call:

                Intent i=new Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK,
                startActivityForResult(i, PICK_REQUEST);

and I am able to catch the result of PICK_REQUEST in my
onActivityResult function, no problem.

When I try calling the same intent within another class, it still
tries to catch it in the
onActivityResult of the main class, not in the onActivityResult i
implemented in the 2nd class.

What am I doing wrong so I don't jump out of my other class (where
there's private data I want to access once I am done getting the
contact info).



Calling Intent from Two Locations

by Mark Murphy » Sat, 01 Nov 2008 08:23:38 GMT


Is the second class an activity? If not, there's your problem.

If the second class is an activity, I would expect the callback to match 
where startActivityForResult lies. You're not calling 
startActivityForResult in some inner class that gets passed around by 
any chance?

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy) 
_The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development_ Version 1.3 Published!


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