I want to make a Toast to prompt again and again on screen after every 5minutes.

by manoj k » Thu, 07 Jan 2010 17:41:25 GMT

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 can you send the code snippet to use notificationmanager


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1. Changing Launch activity seems to not work on Update


My memory is hazy, but I seem to recall the problem is tied to some
amount of caching that's going on.

Have you tried the upgrade, followed by a reboot? IIRC, the Hero-related
issues cleared up after a reboot. If so, then we're probably talking
about the same issue.

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2. Changing Launch activity seems to not work on Update

This is on a Samsung Moment running 1.5.

I have verified that my Nexus One running 2.1 update 1 does not
produce this issue.  One other person that tested this out for me was
also having this issue and they were on an HTC Hero.

Maybe this is a 1.5 issue?



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