setting margins for ListView entries

by Jason Proctor » Sat, 19 Sep 2009 06:00:38 GMT

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 i'm having a little trouble getting a ListView with custom views in 
it to look right, i wonder if i'm missing something basic.

i'd like the scrollbar for the ListView to remain at hard right, but 
the actual view items to be inset inside the view frame. padding adds 
space inside the item view frames, seems like, and there's no 
setMargins() call in AbsListView.LayoutParams.

any help appreciated!



setting margins for ListView entries

by Jason Proctor » Wed, 23 Sep 2009 07:24:28 GMT


i worked around it by making the list view contain another 
LinearLayout, with itself having a margin. it works, but when 
scrolled there is black horridness introduced, before ListView 
realises the background is transparent and fills with pattern. yuck.

starting to think i'm a bit hosed here.



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