RUMORS: DROID Froyo OTA Halted? FRG22 Replacing FRG01B?

by Indra Tjahyana » Thu, 05 Aug 2010 09:22:29 GMT

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 kemungkinan ada update tambahan lagi, yg ujungnya ke FRG22 nih?? 

*ayo cepet dong keluar linknya :)


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I/DEBUG   (  836): Build fingerprint: 'generic/sdk/generic/:1.5/
I/DEBUG   (  836): pid: 948, tid: 949  >>>
I/DEBUG   (  836): signal 11 (SIGSEGV), fault addr 00000004
I/DEBUG   (  836):  r0 00000004  r1 4001d040  r2 00000004  r3 ad3296c5
I/DEBUG   (  836):  r4 00000000  r5 00000000  r6 ad33cce1  r7 41039fb8
I/DEBUG   (  836):  r8 100ffd00  r9 41039fb0  10 41039fa0  fp 00000001
I/DEBUG   (  836):  ip ad35b874  sp 100ffce8  lr ad3296cf  pc
afb045a8  cpsr 00000010
I/DEBUG   (  836):          #00  pc 000045a8  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (  836):          #01  lr ad3296cf  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (  836): stack:
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffca8  00000000
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcac  00000000
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcb0  00000000
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcb4  00000000
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcb8  00000000
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcbc  41f84728
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcc0  00000001
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcc4  41f84728
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcc8  00000001
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffccc  00000000
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcd0  00000000
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcd4  410903b0
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcd8  100ffd30
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcdc  00000005
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffce0  df002777
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffce4  e3a070ad
I/DEBUG   (  836): #00 100ffce8  00000000
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcec  ad3296cf  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcf0  100ffd20
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcf4  ad33ccf1  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcf8  4001d040
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffcfc  ad00e3b8  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd00  410903b0
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd04  00141858  [heap]
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd08  ad33cce1  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd0c  4001d040
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd10  00001071
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd14  00141858  [heap]
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd18  100ffd20
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd1c  ad040a8d  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd20  41039fb0
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd24  420000f8
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd28  ad33cce1  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (  836):     100ffd2c  100ffd98
I/ActivityManager(  568): Process (pid 948)
has died.
I/WindowManager(  568): WIN DEATH: Window{4360bbf8
I/WindowManager(  568): WIN DEATH: Window{4366abe0 SurfaceView
W/InputManagerService(  568): Got RemoteException sending
setActive(false) notification to pid 948 uid 10019


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