How to update Dev phone?

by howa » Wed, 21 Jan 2009 00:02:39 GMT

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 Suppose G1 can upgrade the OS/software thru OTA, so what about the Dev
phone 1?


How to update Dev phone?

by LB Coder » Thu, 22 Jan 2009 04:32:23 GMT

 Manually. At least for the first update.
The leaked 1.1 firmware provides what appears to be a semi-automated update


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How to update Dev phone?

by VA » Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:20:58 GMT

 Is this update (1.1 firmware) available. Where can I get it?


How to update Dev phone?

by Disconnect » Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:36:46 GMT or 


How to update Dev phone?

by Snusmumriken » Thu, 05 Feb 2009 00:33:21 GMT

 I have posted a howto for Windows users on my blog complete with all
the files you need for the 1.1 firmware at 


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2. Search Activity / Suggestion Provider affects Parent Activity Lifecycle

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Very strange problem that is driving me crazy.

We have implemented a SearchSuggestion provider and a Search activity
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the SearchManager passes control to our custom Search activity, AND
that activity does not create a *visible* Activity the Activity which
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As long as our Search Activity fires off another Activity that gets
focus the parent activity will fire onDestroy when I back out of it.
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I have tried setting our SearchActivity to launch singleTop and I also
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This is the chunk of code in our Search Activity onCreate. Couple of
notes about it:

- If Intent is Action_Search (user typed in their own search and
didn't pick a suggestion), we display a list of results as our Search
Activity is a ListActivity. In this case when the item is picked, the
Search Activity closes and our parent Activity does fire onDestroy()
when we back out.

- If Intent is Action_View (user picked a suggestion) when type is
"action" we fire off an Intent that creates a new *visible* Activity.
In this case same thing, when we leave that new activity and return to
the parent activity, the back key does cause the parent activity to
fire onDestroy when leaving.

- If Intent is Action_View (user picked a suggestion) when type is
"pitem" is where the problem lies.
 It works fine (the method call focuses an item on the parent
activity), but when the back button
 is hit on the parent activity onDestroy is NOT called. IF after this
executes I pick an option in
 the parent activity that fires off another activity and return to
the parent then back out it will fire onDestroy()
 in the parent activity.

Note that the "action" intent ends up running the exact same method
call as "pitem", it just bring up a new visual Activity first. Also I
can take out the method call from "pitem" and just finish() and the
behavior is the same, the parent activity doesn't fire onDestroy()
when backed out of.

               if (Intent.ACTION_SEARCH.equals(queryAction)) {
                       String searchKeywords =
               } else if(Intent.ACTION_VIEW.equals(queryAction)){
                       Bundle bundle = queryIntent.getExtras();
                       String key = queryIntent.getDataString();
                       String userQuery =
                       String[] keyValues = key.split("-");

                       if(keyValues.length == 2) {
                               String type = keyValues[0];
                               String value = keyValues[1];

                               if(type.equals("action")) {
                                       Intent intent = new
Intent(this, EventInfoActivity.class);
                                       Long longKey =
                               } else
                           if(type.equals("pitem")) {
                               Integer id = Integer.parseInt(value);


It just seems like something is being held onto and I can't figure out
what it is, in all cases the Search Activity fires onDestroy() when
finish() is called so it is definitely going away.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd be most appreciative.


Sean Overby


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