Saving Stats to Textfile

by jh » Wed, 25 Mar 2009 01:33:27 GMT

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I would be an intermediate level Java programmer (more of a hobbyist).
I want to create an app for android that counts stats during a
football game. This is roughly the functionality:

1.User presses buttons representing each type of stat e.g. #1 for
score, #2 for lost posession of ball etc. (ideally it would be on a
touchscreen phone and the user could use a stylus to touch buttons on
the screen -by the way, would I have to program differently for a
touchscreen? or is that a hardware thing?)

2.Each time a number is pressed, it's written to a text file on the
phone or into a database (sqllite or whatever).

3. the text file can then be sent in a message to another android
enabled phone.

Is all this possible without being an advance Java programmer? Any
guidance would be welcome and I realise this is a broad definition of
the program.



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