by Chris Ho » Mon, 31 Aug 2009 21:41:25 GMT

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 I understand that animated gifs are currently not supported in the
webkit port for Android.
Can this functionality be enabled by turning on the compiler directive
ANDROID_ANIMATED_GIF  (webcore\platform\graphics\android\)?

Will this work or are any other changes needed? Any caveats.



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1. Again on SH porting

Hi all, I'm trying to port Android to sh arch.
When I try to build libmtdutils module I obtain this error:

u...@user-desktop:~/ANDROID$ make libmtdutils TARGET_ARCH=sh -j4
build/core/copy_headers.mk:15: warning: overriding commands for target
build/core/copy_headers.mk:15: warning: ignoring old commands for
target `out/target/product/generic/obj/include/libpv/
make: *** No rule to make target `libmtdutils'.  Stop.

I tried to modify the bootable/recovery/mtdutils/Android.mk file (it
compiles only for arm) but with no results...
Can you give me some hints about it?
If I avoid to build libmtdutils, I face errors with mtd-functions in
the complete build
 $ make TARGET_ARCH=sh

I'll be grateful for any help.


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2. Weird behavior of java.util.Preferences

Hi all!
My app needs to save its state before being killed, and since that
state is really small (one Long), I've decided to use
java.util.Preferences. I use it like the way I would be using in any
Java application (and never had problems), though I am not sure this
is the correct way here on Android platform:
private static final Preferences prefs = Preferences.userNodeForPackage

I update preferences in onPause() method, to ensure that data is
always persisted no matter how my app ends:
Here is that fragment of code:
protected void onPause() {
        prefs.putLong("currIndex", somePositiveValue);

Everything works perfectly on emulator, but when I install my app onto
my g1 phone, the preferences doesn't work the way they are supposed to
work - it seems that SOMETHING clears them every time my application
is killed.
Here is the example of output of my application:
no entry found for currIndex
currIndex = 25
currIndex = 83
(KILLED i.e. from ASTRO or via terminal-emulator or killed by system)
no entry found for currIndex <-- what the ...??

I really don't understand this behavior. I also tried flushing the
preferences but doesn't help.
Then I changed the code in onPause() method so that it first persists
data then calls super.onPause() but then the even worse scenario
occurs - preferences are cleared on random (about 50% to be cleared)
no matter how my app ends.

Please help me by giving, I have already spend a few hours struggling
with this issue with no success.
I would be grateful if someone posted an example of how to permanently
store that a single "Long" and how retrieve it, so that it works when
an application is killed.

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