Suggestion for Google team to improve Android Market

by 袉谢谢褟 袪芯屑邪薪械薪泻芯 » Wed, 23 Sep 2009 17:40:14 GMT

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 I think that this would be great!!! +1 here

2009/9/23 Nanard <>


Suggestion for Google team to improve Android Market

by Anselm R Garbe » Thu, 24 Sep 2009 02:13:46 GMT

 2009/9/23 Nanard <>:

I see several possible solutions with the existing model:

a) You invalidate an app after a certain amount of time so that it
rejects to run (quite hackish and not very great wrt updates, etc).

b) You don't sell your app but provide it for free, though you charge
for the service it uses in some other way like paypal or google
checkout or whatever appears to be suitable.

Though in general I like the idea, but it'll need technical overhead
to make it work and I doubt Google would be interested in doing that.
Perhaps an opportunity for some 3rd party...

Kind regards,


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