Tab Click Event

by Pinki » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:02:02 GMT

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1. problems in installing android over 9.04

when I tried to install android sdk over linux, it is saying that java
is not found.

how do I install java, when I searched in synaptic package manager,
there are so many things with java.

how do I figure out which one should I install?



2. how to structure my app to run in background


I am new to Android, and I need some advices for start up.
I want to build an application, which will show up, when the user gets
into some hot situation.
By hot situation I mean:
* his GPS/cell coordinates are in known zone;
* known Bluetooth device detected;
* known Wi-Fi network detected;
* weather info has change;

I see something running in background and when one of the clauses hit,
it will trigger and open the app.
* How to get started?
* How do I make sure my app won't be shut down?
As I read somewhere that Android OS will terminate apps if memory out
occurs or consumes too much, and my app would consume a lot, making
repeated measures/checks to see if situation changed.



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