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by Pinki » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:02:02 GMT

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1. Bondi compliant widgets

Hi All,

Wanted to know if android can support BONDI specific widgets.
I can understand that as of now it doesnt have the BONDI specific API
parser in JavaScriptCore part of webkit.
But wondering if can support.

Actually this can bring in a sandbox architecture changes to
incorporate the widget security too.

Can anyone please let me know if i can start the implementation or
this is a blocking issue?


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How do I use the android SDK samples with eclipse?  Anything I try results
in horrible failure, the "import" dialog fails to find the projects even
though I navigated straight to them, so I tried making a new project from
existing source and it said "Invalid project description"

I can't find any useful information on how to work with the IDE and get
started, all I can do successfully is make new projects from scratch


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