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by Pinki » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:02:02 GMT

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1. butuh penerangan!!

para RR sekalian. mo tanya dunk apakah HTC magic juga punya batere
tambahan kayak G1?

namanya apa ya? bisa dapet dimana ya? thanks semua..
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2. Using the new VcardComposer with specific feilds for the VCF

HI ,

I am using the new VcardComposer  in 2.0 version.
I am trying to create a Vcard that i will choose the feilds that will
come out from it .
for example :

I want to create a Vcard from a specific Contact that will not include
the Feild "NOTE:" .
How can i do that ? , in the prevoise VcardComposer we could change
the struct that it use to create the Vcard,
With the new one it is simplified but without a feature to create a
Vcard with the feilds that you choose.

Does any one know how can i do that ?



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