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by Pinki » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:02:02 GMT

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1. Turn off Android mobile ??

Does anyone know to turn off the Android mobile in the eclipse
simulator ?? I pressed at the power button (at the high-left corner)
but it doesn't work. Does the eclipse simulate it ?


2. HTC Dream/G1 Tmobile Preorder

So ive seen liek 10 pages of google results with rumors of a Sept.
17th pre sale and even the Android community site says it without the
word rumor so it seems like it would be true (and its after the 17th).
Ive been a Tmobile customer for liek 3 years so i should be eligible.
Anyone know of a link to it or has it not started yet(i would have
guessed the presale would start after its announced on the 23rd tho).


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