How-to start service automatically on system startup and on installation + custom Contacts ContextMenu

by Jonas Petersson » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 14:36:29 GMT

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I do agree with this sentiment. However, for my app (Zap's Hitta) I need 
to grab the phone number just as the incoming call appears. Currently I 
do this by starting a service with a listener at boot time. I'd love to 
find a different way. (I also start it when the GUI is opened if needed, 
hence it starts at installation too.)

Related to my app (but sadly not the original subject): I understand 
that there is no way to use Contacts as a picker from my own Activity 
with my own ContextMenu since that particular case is explicitly 
disabled in an if statement.

Is there any way I could add an entry to the existing ContextMenu (in my 
case: "Lookup address" from phone number and store in phonebook) when 
Contacts is used the standard way?

I suspect it is not currently possible. Would adding such an ability be 
against the design goals?

(At the moment I use an ExpandableListActivity, but it's on the crude 
side for this purpose.)

                Thanks in advance / Jonas


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