NJ Court finds Owner-Operator to be Employee for Worker's Compensation Purposes

by mc730029 » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 01:20:51 GMT

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 39-2-7290 Chaverri v. Cace Trucking Incorporated, App. Div. (per
curiam) (8 pp.) This appeal concerns whether an injury of petitioner,
Guillermo Chaverri, 


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1. Browser Download Manager - GETs, but doesn't POST

I posted this on android-platform a while ago, but didn't see any
response, so I'll try here.

I've been combing through the browser app's source trying to make sure
I understand this, and I think I do.

I found http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=1978 which
details a question about the way that the download manager "double
downloads" a URL.  I have a slightly different question.

I'd like to develop an application that interacts with a web
application (that I don't control) that requires a login to download
specific files.  Specifically, I'd like my users to be able to click a
button in the browser, have the browser download the file, and then
start my application to use that file.

In order to actually download the files, a form must be POSTed to a
URL.  If the URL is accessed through a GET request, the application
returns an error page.  If certain form fields are missing from the
POST request, the same error page is returned.  The only way to get to
the content is to POST to the URL with the proper form fields and
cookies, and the server then returns a page with a specific mimetype
and Content-Disposition: attachment.  Desktop browsers handle this
fine, because they see the response from the POST and immediately ask
the user to save the attached file.

Android's browser, however, does not do that.  The initial POST from
the browser goes just fine, and then the URL, content disposition,
mimetype, and other header information are handed off to the Download
Manager.  From what I've traced, this ultimately ends in an insert to
a DownloadProvider, which launches a thread to handle the actual HTTP
connection.  That thread seems to be only capable of a GET, which does
not work in the scenario I detailed above.

I understand that certain architectural decisions were made that
support the "double download."  Was this POST scenario considered?  Is
this something that could possibly be patched in a future release of
the browser?  I'll consider working on the patch myself, but I'd hate
to put in a ton of time to find out later that this doesn't fit within
the vision of the Android browser as a whole.  It looks like a fairly
complicated patch too, since I think it'd mean modifications to the
DownloadProvider, its underlying database, and the browser in order to
pass the POST parameters all the way down to the point where the
DownloadThread is ready to go get the file.



2. Re : Diplay Logcats logs on console


I am asking if Android already include a GBA (Generic Bootstrapping 
Architecture) authentification system ? If not, does any other group have ever 
try to add this protocol (almost the same as SSL) within the Android framework ?

The GBA architecture is defined with 2 documents from the 3GPP : 

 - TS 33.220 for the global architecture

 - TS 24.109 which add more details on the Ua and Ub interfaces from the 

The Ua interface is between the mobile and the application ; the Ub interface 
is between the mobile and the BSF server). The Ub interface should be made ont 
HTTP/AKA - RFC 3310.

Is it possible to access  to the sim card ?

Some detail about GBA: 

Thanks in advance for any reply.

 Best regards.

Thierry GAYET


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