Canvas INSIDE of a Layout???

by Ryan Detwiler » Tue, 09 Nov 2010 02:23:42 GMT

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 Hellooo.. I need to have a dynamically updateable canvas inside of a
layout. I would prefer having some sort of method to draw to an
imageview, which is displayed in red on the screenshot. It's intended
to be a graph that updates every 5 times/second or so. Any ideas??
I've been searching for hours and can't seem to find some sort of
concrete example. they all make the entire screen a canvas, which
doesn't allow for layouts. Please help, and thanks in advance! :) 


Canvas INSIDE of a Layout???

by Stephen Jungels » Tue, 09 Nov 2010 03:01:38 GMT

 This would be an example of creating a custom component.  It's covered
very well in the docs: 

The requirement for timed updates can be filled by your activity
calling invalidate() on the custom view when needed.



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