OpenCORE API Question

by whglee » Sat, 17 Jul 2010 02:27:31 GMT

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 Hi Experts,

In OpenCORE,

Only for UDP based data flow, API helps to set UDP port range.
@aMaxUdpPortNum[in] - Maximum udp port number
@aMinUdpPortNum[in] - Minimum udp port number
@return - PVMFSuccess, if maximun port number successfully set
OSCL_EXPORT_REF virtual PVMFStatus SetMaxUDPPortNum(uint32&
aMaxUdpPortNum, uint32& aMinUdpPortNum) const = 0;

I wonder if this API has been incorporated into the Java Application
Framework or not. If not, how hard it is to do it myself.

I am building an application that I want to specify the UDP client
port range when establishing an RTSP session. I use
VideoView::setVideoURI to establish the RTSP sesson, but I could not
find a method to specify the client port, or port ranges.



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