O2 and Orange bulk up on iPad-friendly SIM cards

by HELP INDIAN » Sun, 07 Mar 2010 03:07:58 GMT

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 O2 and Orange bulk up on iPad-friendly SIM cards
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Hi all,
I wanted to give you a heads up about an SugarSync announcement today
regarding a new SugarSync Cloud API for Android, designed to allow you
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hosted SugarSync user accounts. Here is the press release: http://bit.ly/7sQihi
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Also, we just released a new version of the SugarSync for Android app,
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Android is providing a pretty good street navigation, but it might be
unlawful to use it within a car in Germany.

In Germany it is not allowed to use a mobile phone while driving with
your hands, except with hands-free equipment. It does not matter what
functions it has and what you use it for. Just the fact that it is a
phone is sufficient for not beeing allowed to use it while driving.

Therefore, modern cars in europe have built in phones that access your
mobile's SIM card through the remote SIM access bluetooth profile -
just sit in your car, and it automagically takes over the phone
functionality from your mobile. The mobile saves power, but has no
access to the SIM card and thus no phone and internet connections

Unfortunately, the Android OS does not support this bluetooth profile.
Android phones cannot be used with modern european hands-free
equipment, and thus the Android phone must not be used with your hands
at all while driving.

So car navigation with an Android mobile does not make much sense over

But even if Android supported that SIM access bluetooth profile, it
would not help, because then the car radio uses the SIM card and the
Android mobile would not have phone or internet access anymore. As far
as I know, Google Maps and Google Navigation don't have an offline
mode and fully depend on an internet connection.

(Similar problems in most european countries.)

So how would someone use the Android phone in a car in europe?



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