Lifecycle questions not sure please help

by jimmythesaint » Thu, 16 Apr 2009 07:56:24 GMT

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I am building my first app and I am not quite sure about the

I started with an object which holds the data. I pass this via Intents
to my activities and when they are done they pass it back ( if they
changed it ).  This seemed like a way of keeping data between
activities and is quite simple ( the object is serializable )

Now I am looking at the app lifecycle and I dont want to looe  data so
I am writing the object to a file on the onPause event of each
activity. Does this make sense ; writing data on each onPause  since i
dont know when the app could exit and be destroyed ?  Seems lke i may
as well not bother passing it throgh intents and just read it from
file on each activity start  ??



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With kind regards,


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