How to Build kernel with android build system?

by Jackie Wu » Wed, 18 Feb 2009 03:11:55 GMT

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 Android doesn't use udev to handle the uevent from kernel but directly
use the init process to handle. By default, it will create the device
file under /dev with infor from uevent. There is no udev descriptor
and you have to specify the device file path in source code directly.

You can refer to system/core/init/init.c and deviced.c. That's code to
handle that.

Jackie (Weihua) Wu

If your driver and device have no problem, the device file should be created.



How to Build kernel with android build system?

by Greg KH » Tue, 10 Mar 2009 18:21:55 GMT


udev is not on the android system image, so unless you added it, nothing
is catching the uevents.


greg k-h



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How to Build kernel with android build system?

by Manish Sharma » Sat, 14 Mar 2009 06:52:43 GMT

 Hi Greg,
Thanks for your response. I know udev is not there in Android rather init is
taking care of handling uevent. Actually on my system the init was stucking
in forever loop. When I checked the process status flash_recovery and
netstart were going in Z state.

After commenting following 2 services in init.rc the hotplug is working

#service flash_recovery /system/bin/flash_image recovery
#    oneshot
#service netstart /system/bin/netcfg eth0 dhcp
#    user root
#    oneshot

But still the system is not stable. Like when I try to play music/video it
gives an error "Application not responding" and init again goes in forever
loop. The process status of "app_process" goes to Z state.




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