Dynamic UI forms

by Tadas Mak膷inskas » Sat, 30 Aug 2008 00:46:16 GMT

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   For few days I was trying to create a dynamic form but usuccsfully.

   My goal is to create a number of buttons on an app. view. The
number of those buttons depends on the given data and can vary from
user to user, and is determined only at runtime. I couldn't realy find
how this could be done.

   Any tips welcome and thanks,
   Tadas Makinskas


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1. onDestroy() called and activity cycles at "lock screen"


I have an activity using a surfaceView for drawing various objects
onto, and have observed different behavior when running the app in the
emulator and on the handset. The handset is a G1, running Android rev.
1.5, and the emulator is also a rev. 1.5 AVD.

When the app is running in emulator and the "lock-screen" key is
pressed, the onSaveInstanceState() method is invoked - this is the
behavior I would expect. When the same is performed on the actual
handset onSaveInstanceState() is also invoked, however followed by
onDestroy(), and a cycle through the acitivity life cycle:

02-01 11:36:26.531: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.Balloons(22453):
02-01 11:36:26.531: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.BalloonsGame(22453):
02-01 11:36:26.531: WARN/com.spigo.balloons.Level(22453): saveState
02-01 11:36:26.541: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.Balloons(22453): onPause
02-01 11:36:27.531: INFO/WindowManager(90): Setting rotation to 0,
02-01 11:36:27.551: INFO/WindowManager(90): Config changed:
{ scale=1.0 imsi=0/0 locale=en_US touch=3 key=2/1/2 nav=3 orien=1 }
02-01 11:36:27.591: INFO/WindowManager(90): Config changed:
{ scale=1.0 imsi=0/0 locale=en_US touch=3 key=2/1/2 nav=3 orien=1 }
02-01 11:36:27.951: WARN/InputManagerService(90): Starting input on
non-focused client android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodManager
$...@439cf618 (uid=1000 pid=90)
02-01 11:36:28.151: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.Balloons(22453): onDestroy
02-01 11:36:29.701: WARN/InputManagerService(90): Starting input on
non-focused client android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodManager
$...@439cf618 (uid=1000 pid=90)
02-01 11:36:32.581: WARN/SurfaceFlinger(90): timeout expired
mFreezeDisplay=1, mFreezeCount=0
02-01 11:36:32.681: WARN/WindowManager(90): App freeze timeout
02-01 11:36:32.691: WARN/WindowManager(90): Force clearing freeze:
AppWindowToken{43c60f20 token=HistoryRecord{43ab26f0
02-01 11:36:33.481: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.Balloons(22453): onCreate
()::called - SIS is non-null
02-01 11:36:33.531: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.Balloons(22453): onResume
()::called - thread state: NEW
02-01 11:36:33.531: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.BalloonsGame(22453):
02-01 11:36:33.541: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.Level(22453): restoreState
02-01 11:36:33.571: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.Balloons(22453): onPause
02-01 11:36:33.571: INFO/com.spigo.balloons.BalloonsGame(22453):

The manifest states: android:screenOrientation="landscape", hence the
activity is forced into landscape nomatter the orientation.

A comparison report of the two logs is available at
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/253720/Report.html , the left hand side being
the emulator and the right being the handset.

Can it be related to the "Low Memory: No more background processes."
or the "App freeze timeout expired."?

"Verbose" logs are furthermore available at 
and http://dl.dropbox.com/u/253720/logHandsetFull.txt

Any ideas?


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