Know when Outgoing Call has been answered or whatever state

by Mark Ellul » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 01:07:58 GMT

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I am wondering if its possible to know when an outgoing call (made by
an Intent) has been answered?

If so, any pointers would be appreciated




Know when Outgoing Call has been answered or whatever state

by Roman ( T-Mobile USA) » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 03:48:23 GMT

 The current call states which you get on SDK level are

public static final int CALL_STATE_IDLE

Device call state: No activity.
Constant Value: 0 (0x00000000)
public static final int CALL_STATE_OFFHOOK

Device call state: Off-hook. At least one call exists that is dialing,
active, or on hold, and no calls are ringing or waiting.
Constant Value: 2 (0x00000002)
public static final int CALL_STATE_RINGING

Device call state: Ringing. A new call arrived and is ringing or
waiting. In the latter case, another call is already active.
Constant Value: 1 (0x00000001)
( )

It would be nice if the Android SDK could offer a better telephony

Roman Baumgaertner
Sr. SW Engineer-OSDC
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