Nov 2, Social Web Camp in Santa Clar

by Chris Palmer » Thu, 29 Oct 2009 03:34:26 GMT

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 Best of luck to you; I'm all for web auth alternatives. However, I think
you've got an uphill battle here. The usability concerns you raise and that
your commenters raise are not ancillary to the key problem -- they *are* the
key problem.

The set of secure systems is a subset of the usable systems. The usable
systems are those designed with the capacities of their users considered

Dear Android security group,

 We are organising a Social Web Camp, that will help make it very clear why
having a global ssl keychain in the android platform, and implementing the
keygen tag would open huge new horizons in social networking to your
platform. You can have an initial idea on why this is needed by looking at
how it is implemented in Fennec: 

But this camp will go beyond the simple technical implementation details, to
talk about business use cases, example applications, and more...

 I hope to see some of you there. Please invite friends and other groups
that you think may be interested.


You are invited to the Social Web Camp, taking place in the Sun Microsystems
Campus in Santa Clara on Monday November 2. It is organised by Henry Story
of Sun and Daniel Appelquist of Vodafone, co-chair of the W3C Social Web
Incubator. Entry is free.

Imagine a world where everybody could participate easily in a distributed
yet secure social web. In such a world people could place their photos,
music, or other content on their web site and give access to some of it to
their friends, or the friend of their friends (FOAF) some to their family,
some to their colleagues, and of course have some be completely public.  How
can one do this without requiring every participant to create one login for
each of their friends site? How does one do this in a distributed and
flexible manner compatible with web architecture? What issues would need to
be solved to make this possible?

All topics related to the Social Web will be covered, in a bar-camp style.
It will be broad and open to all. See the subjects up for discussuion on the
wiki/registration page: 

When: Monday, 2nd of November starting 9:00 am ( up to 5pm )

       The Auditorium at Sun's Campus,
       4030 George Sellon Circle
       Santa Clara,
       95054 California

Please forward to interested parties, tweet, blog!

Henry Story

Social Web Architect
Sun Microsystems

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