Customizing the Android contact list?

by Mike » Wed, 25 Jun 2008 15:51:54 GMT

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I'm a beginner on the Android platform, but I don't think this is a
really beginner-type question, so here goes...

I'm wondering if it's possible to modify the appearance of the
standard Android contact list (preferably programmatically). I'm
looking at interesting little projects to help me get some experience
on the platform, one suggestion was a simple app that allows you to
set a country for your contacts, and adds a flag for that country to
the contact list. Then, using GPS, it identifies the country you're in
as you travel, and highlights the flags for contacts in the same
country, telling you who you can easily get in touch with. A silly
little app really, but perhaps marginally useful to frequent

So, questions - is it possible to add a flag component to Android's
contact list? If so, can it be animated by my flag app? If not, is
there any way around it, other than implementing an entire alternative
contact list within my app?

Here's a screenshot of the idea: 

Comments + thoughts welcome (apart from 'this is a dumb idea' - I
already know that!)

Thanks - Mike.


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