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 A hobby horse is a wooden or wickerwork toy made to be ridden just
like a real horse (which was sometimes called a "Hobby"). From this
came the expression "to ride one's hobby-horse", meaning "to follow a
favourite pastime", and in turn, hobby in the modern sense of

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Other Threads

1. Sync Nokia Contacts ke Gmail

To set up Google Sync on a Nokia N-Series or E-Series phone (Symbian S60 3rd
Edition), please follow these steps:

*Note:* The images below may vary slightly from the images on your
particular phone.

   1. Open your Contacts application
   2. Select 'Synchronization > Settings' from the 'Options' menu. This will
   open the Sync application.

   [image: Sync application]
   3. From the Options menu select 'New sync profile'

   [image: New sync profile]
   4. Choose any name you like for 'Sync profile name'[image: Sync profile
   5. Select and click 'Applications'
   *Note*: You will see a list of all content types that your phone can
   synchronize; however, currently Google Sync only supports Contacts.
   6. Select and click 'Contacts'
   - Make sure the 'Include in Sync' option is set to 'Yes'
      - Define the 'Remote Database' option as 'contacts'. It needs to be
      spelled exactly like this (lower case), or Google Sync will not work.

      [image: Remote database]
      - Click 'Back' to exit this screen and save your settings
      - Ensure that only Contacts have 'Settings defined' and all other
      content types say 'Sett. not defined'

      [image: Settings defined]
      7. Click 'Back' to exit this screen and save your settings
   8. Select and click 'Connection Settings'
   9. Enter the following values:
      - Server version: 1.2
      - Server ID: Google (capital 'G' is important)
      - Data bearer: Internet
      - Access point: the Internet access point for your carrier.

      [image: Server version, server ID, data bearer, access point]
      - Host address: (Important to enter *https
      * for a secure connection)
      - Port: 443
      - User name: your Google Account username, e.g.
      - Password: your Google password
      - Leave other values unchanged

      [image: Host address, port, user name, password]
      10. Click 'Back' to exit this screen and save your settings
   11. Click 'Back' again to exit the Sync profile settings
   12. Highlight the your Sync profile and select 'Synchronize' from the
   'Options' menu to synchronize your contacts with Google

   [image: Synchronise]

   Source :

"Indonesian Android Community [id-android]" 

2. Android: Draw a scalable Rectangle

Hi All,
    Can anybody help me to draw a scalable rectangle around a bitmap
    And such that 1) The rectangle should scale based on the size of
my bitmap
                         2) The colour of my rectangle should  change
on my input
    Any help would be appreciated
   Thank you


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