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Other Threads

1. ADT export wizard with Proguard obfuscation enabled does not work

The export wizard in ADT for building release versions of Android apps
works great, but when I add the proguard.config=proguard.cfg line to, everything suddenly stops working with the
following message:

[time - appname] Proguard returned with error code 1. See console
[time - appname] Error: E:\Programming\Mobile\Android\Eclipse (Access
is denied)

This error message is horrible. I've spend the last 5 hours to figure
out why it keeps saying that, but truth is, I can't.

Here's what I'm using:

- Eclipse Classic 3.6.2 (download this one today to see if it would
fix anything)
- Latest version of the Android SDK and ADT for Eclipse
- The standard generated proguard.cfg file (exists at the app project
- A standard generated Android app without anything added, just a
plain and bare app as it comes from ADT
- Windows Vista / SP2
- JDK/JRE, etc. different version doesn't matter, the error won't go

"E:\Programming\Mobile\Android\Eclipse" is definitely not closed down
in any way. Any program can access the folder and its contents.
Eclipse is installed right there, and so is the Android SDK (one level
down, not inside the Eclipse directory itself). Also, there are
absolutely no folders in there with spaces.

I really do not have ideas anymore on how to fix this. Well, I could
use the method as described on the Android Developer Blog, but I would
like to use the wizard instead. It's there for a reason, I don't want
to use the commandline when I don't have to...

..has anyone ever seen this problem before? Any hints on what files I
can look into to fix it?


2. aidl linking issue, in INetworkQueryService.aidl: couldn't find import for class


I am trying to re-use (~/android_src/packages/apps/
Phone/src/com/android/phone/) within my app with some customizations.
I have added INetworkQueryServiceCallback.aidl and
INetworkQueryService.aidl into my app folder (~/android_src/packages/
apps/myapp/src/com/myapppackage/) however when i am building alongside
android source I am getting an error

Aidl: USSDActivity <= packages/apps/USSDActivity/src/com/myapppackage/
INetworkQueryService.aidl:19: couldn't find import for class
make: *** [out/target/common/obj/APPS/USSDActivity_intermediates/src/
src/com/myapppackage/mymodule/] Error 1

Q1: why is it USSDActivity_intermediates/src/src, 2 srcs doesnt look
Q2: the is below, what am i missing? any idea on the fix?
LOCAL_PATH:= $(call my-dir)
include $(CLEAR_VARS)
        src/com/android/phone/ \
        src/com/android/phone/ \
LOCAL_MODULE := com.agreeya.ussdactivitytest
#maliha added 

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