Looking for an Application that will work with OpenDMTP and Open GPS for a Google G1

by partn...@partners-international.org » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:14:13 GMT

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 We are a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit charity trying to develop an open
source solution to help track aid workers and other emergency
responders in crisis sites.  We are trying to obtain an unlocked
google G1 to test the project on.

Our goal is to have a 100% open source solution available to these

We received the donation of an enterprise edition of Open GPS (see
 http://www.opengts.org/ ) to provide the tracking capability.

We need someone who will help us to write or write for us a script or
other application needed to run Open DMPT so we can load it on the
phones (see:  http://www.opendmtp.org/ )

Eventually we will need to find an unlocked G1 phone and are looking
at some used one. Because we are 100% volunteer with no paid employees
we rely on donations and funds are tight so we may look for a used
phone we can have unlocked.

The immediate need is for help in developing what we need to run open
DMPT or a similar program on the G1 that will send the data to the
Open GPS server.


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