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by lokesh lokesh » Mon, 09 Mar 2009 02:30:14 GMT

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Is anyone else using this as a Unique identifier?     Is there anyway to
force this in the emulator?    If not what are other people using?   I've
read where someone said to use the IMEI but I don't see that as valid on
devices that don't make calls like netbooks.

Writing code is one of few things
that teaches me I don't know everything.


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Hi All,

       I have made one app in which i have used ExpandableListView to
make the tree structure. In that i have keep some nodes empty (Only
parent having no child) & some with child nodes.

       Now the scenario is that when i click on the parent node, if it
has the child then it is expanded, otherwise it starts the new
activity. That part is done.

     But I want to make the app in such a way that, if I click on any
node, & if any previously selected node is expanded, then it should be
collapsed (on clicking on that node). I am not able to find any setter
method, like setExpanded(boolean), for doing so.

      So please help me in this matter. Any help would be appreciated.



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