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by lokesh lokesh » Mon, 09 Mar 2009 02:30:14 GMT

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Does any one have any idea as to which countries Android supports
interms of Emergency Number dialling. Is there a list of supported
countries and emergency numbers? For example US has 911, Australia has
000 and there is also the international numbers 112.

How can we find out which numbers/countries are supported for
emergency dialling?


2. SQLiteOpenHelper

I was trying to do some SQLite stuff.

I looked at NotePadProvider in Samples. I understood that this class
is probably instantiated through provider tag in manifest. I am a
little confused how can I use this externally. For example if i wrote
my content provider class, and provide the provider tag in manifest,
my database will be created / opened on start of my application ?

If yes, where is in NotePad project this class is used ? for example
adding more records, delete edit ? I did a ctrl + shift + G for
NotePadProvider, it only pointed to one instance of usage that too in
the comment.

Please throw more light to simplify things



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