How does 2 different package share the same aidl interface?

by » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 01:53:47 GMT

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 Hi Android Developers,

I would like to ask you how do I access an remote service from an
application which is in a different package.

e.g.  remote service is in the package:
       application is in the package com.applications.sampleApp

I have gotten to the stage where the application is able to create and
start the service, but when I try to call one of the methods
implemented in the application service, i get an error that looks like
the following:

W/Parcel  (  319): **** enforceInterface() expected
'' but read

Currently, the same aidl file is both packages to prevent linking
errors, but it looks like the application is trying to call the method
stub from the aidl in the application package. What I'm confused is
that, when I do the bindservice, the instance of the service should be
returned to the application, and any method calls should be directed
to service aidl stubs rather than the application aidl stub.

I found a thread that had a similar problem, but that thread ended
without an obvious resolution.

Please advise on this problem that I'm facing.

Many thanks,


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