Android Address Book Search

by mike » Wed, 02 Jun 2010 01:15:14 GMT

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 hi guys,

i have developed a application which loads all the contacts in the
native address book.
since i have many contacts i created a search.

my address book contains contacts like this.


and then again


1. even in the native address book it's the same. may i know the
reason for that. (All my contacts are in phone book)

2. i using phones.CONTENT_URI to load all the contacts. that's how i
want to do it

and assume that i have search for Alan or Bill search query returns

but if i search foe Alex,Cooper or Dillon it will return the correct

this is my query

        private Cursor searchItems(String query) {
                Cursor cur = getContentResolver().query(Phones.CONTENT_URI , 
                                Phones.NAME + "='" + query.trim() + "'", null, 
                int x = cur.getCount();
                if (cur == null || x == 0) {
                        // alert("Address Book", "Empty Address Book");
                if (cur.moveToNext()) {
                        do {
                                Log.d("CURSOR_SSSS", Integer.toString(x));
                        } while (cur.moveToNext());
                columns = new String[] { Phones.NAME, Phones.NUMBER };
                names = new int[] {, };
                return cur;

could somebody help me out??



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Thanks by advance for your help !


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