Invalid Phone Numbers Problem [SOLVED]

by mafro » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 18:30:21 GMT

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 Thought I'd post this issue since I've run into it since I got my new
G1. There must be others who have this problem..

I moved all my numbers across via my SIM card. It seems the SIM
cropped all the pluses (+) from the front of all numbers with +447...
in my contacts. (+44 is UK code).

Now, a +447.. number is valid, and a 07.. number is valid, but a 447..
number is NOT!!

This I did not know. Now I need to fix 100+ numbers in my contacts.

Further to this, and G1 specific:
In Messaging if I send a message to a 07.. number it goes in a new
thread. The reply will always (I think) come back with +447.. as the
prefix. This means it starts its own new thread! Annoying at best.

I would recommend everyone change their numbers to use the correct
+blah.. country prefix.

Also, the Messaging app could be a bit cleverer with parsing number
prefixes when it comes to threading up messages . Android dev team


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