How to find out the cause of a configuration change

by » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 11:47:27 GMT

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 I got different situations where my activities onSaveInstanceState
gets called but i can't distinguish between them.
Some of them result in automatic recreation others do not so i have to
react different
especially because my activity is not created by user action.

thanks in advance


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To tackle the flip side of what Mark is saying, just to give you
another way to get it: 'new XX()' is NOT implementing a constructor --
it is calling one, but it does not implement one.'

Mark missed a point though -- a constructor without a call to super()
will always call the default super().

You can verify that by defining a class with just a private
class A {
  private A() {}

class B extends A {
   B() { }

c:\temp\ A() has private access in A
    B() {}
1 error

You get the same result, in fact, if you take out B's constructor,
because if you don't supply any constructor at all, Java will define a
no-arg constructor for you.

Still, Mark's point #1 is valid. A do-nothing constructor is just an
invitation to later become a do-something constructor. Since Java will
supply a do-nothing constructor for you, just take it out and let it
do so.

Mark has already demonstrate that it being there will confuse
someone!  :=)

Mark: "In fact, I'm kinda surprised the activity survives not having
the activity's constructor called."

That's because Activity's constructor IS being called, as demonstrated

I might hypothesize you've programmed in C++ at some point in the
distant past.... :=)


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