Android/iPhone costs in the UK

by Al Sutton » Tue, 09 Jun 2009 15:39:28 GMT

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 After my previous comparison of total cost of ownership of Consumer
Android phones against the iPhone showing that the iPhone worked out
cheaper I thought I should revisit it given the new iPhone release.

In the UK O2 have *raised* the cost of getting a 16GB iPhone (the 16GB
3GS costs 50 GBP more than they charged for a 16GB 3G) and kept the cost
of the lowest end model the same, so although it's still cheaper if you
look at only the 8GB version, if you look at the 3GS version of the
iPhone it's now cheaper to get an Android device.

(I could go on about how tethering an iPhone on O2 in the UK is actually
worse value for money than getting a separate mobile broadband dongle
from them, but that's getting waaayy off topic and I'm doing that to
death on Twitter under a #O2iPhoneRipOff tag).

So it looks like Android just got a competitive helping hand from the
UKs iPhone carrier even though they don't have any Android devices in
their line-up nor are there any rumours about they selling one.



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