Device Proposal

by Stephen Jarman » Wed, 07 May 2008 21:05:22 GMT

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 Hello all! I'm very excited, much like you, about the Android platform
for mobile devices - as I think it will really provide what I want in
a phone. So, in a class project where we had to design an ideal mobile
phone to appeal to the mass market, the first thing that came to my
mind was Android. I was going to base my device on Android.

So, after a bit of thought and some effort, I came up with a basic
shape and design concept for the "first" real Android device. We
weren't really going to create one, of course, because it's just a
school project. However, I thought that I might want to share what I
have come up with with the rest of the Android community to get a
wider opinion.

The main idea of this phone, which I have temporarily dubbed the
&threesixty (AND360), is to have no visible buttons on the front of
the device - just a large touch-screen. The &threesixty is just about
the size of a BlackBerry Curve, to give you an idea. The screen covers
the whole front of the device up until a couple millimetres away from
the edges. On the sides, there are rocker buttons, a play/pause media
button, a "profile" mode button and a camera button. There is a
compact 2MP camera on the back, as well as an LED flash, doubling as a
torch. The top holds a Mini-USB connector and a standard 3.5 mm audio
jack, as well as a power/standby button. The bottom holds the two
speakers, much like on the iPhone.

What do you think about the 2MP camera? Would it be too small? I'm
mostly concerned for the actual size of the device, although places to
store larger photos might become a hurdle. Oh yes, I almost forgot
that the device has the option for the upgrading of memory through a
micro-SD, stored underneath the battery.

As shown in the mock-up picture, there is a metallic strip curving
around the middle of the device, bordered at the bottom by a thinner,
white and translucent strip, which holds "colour-changing" LEDs, which
can be set to stay a certain colour when in use, or even a slowly
changing spectrum - all being set through a control panel in Android.
This could also act as the notifier LED, so that it could change
colour upon a message or event being received.

If you would like to see the mock-up device, please visit... 

Thank you in advance for all your opinions!

Regards, Stephen Jarman
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Device Proposal

by Muthu Ramadoss » Thu, 08 May 2008 06:15:08 GMT

 If I get you right, you'll  be doing a design for the Android device that
the OEM's can use, right?

Why not? You can probably take these designs to the OHA members and may be
get a couple of them interested. Good luck.

Checked your website, may be you can make it a bit simple to navigate
around. The "click here" doesn't take me back to the image again.

On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 2:35 AM, Stephen Jarman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

take care,
Muthu Ramadoss. 
find stuff closer.


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