android-platform is now partially moderated

by Cedric Beust » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 20:43:51 GMT

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 We have recently turned on moderation control for the android-kernel
mailing list.  The goal is only to reduce the amount of spam on the
list, there is no plan for any active moderation or membership

New memberships will still be granted automatically, there is no
intention to limit group membership, and new members will be able to
receive and read messages immediately.

For new members, your first post will be moderated.  Please allow 24
hours for your first post to go through, and please don't keep
reposting.  Once you have posted successfully, you will be allowed to
post freely.

I hope this improves things for all members of android-kernel.




android-platform is now partially moderated

by Cedric Beust » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 20:51:14 GMT

 Of course, the subject should read "android-kernel is now moderated".




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I've started seeing a lot of weird crashes from users' phones
regarding an IndexOutOfBoundsException around loading String
resources.  One example is reproduced below.  This began with Android
1.5, build 147201.

Any ideas what is going on?


java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: setSpan (10 ... 16) ends beyond
length 13
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What do you all think of a way to process outgoing sms that is
implemented the same way as it is for calls?

I am talking about the PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS permission and the
broadcast that goes with it that allows you to monitor, modify, or
abort outgoing calls.

Now that it is generally cheaper to send sms and the like over the
internet or maybe you want to block sms from going to some numbers.
Currently there is no way to do that apart from writing your own sms
application which is hardly the proper solution.  There are so many
great sms clients out there and apps that send sms on their own and
someone wanting to write an app that redirects sms's over the internet
for example should not need to rewrite them all.

I know this has been raised before on different mailing lists etc but
i don't think it has been raised here on the framework one where i
think it belongs. Is there a reason why this functionality is not part
of the framework? I know there are others that would really like to
see this functionality added.  I hope there are some people on here
that may give some feedback on the idea and maybe give hints on ways
to help increase the chances of it been in a future version of
androids framework.



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