AnalogClock - how do i set it to show 18:50 in my app and never change?

by Richard » Wed, 05 Aug 2009 00:21:38 GMT

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I would like to show an Analog clock in my android app and set it to a
specific time, say 18:50 and never change.
I have created an AnalogClock view and added it to the activity but it
only ever shows the current time and I can't find a function call
change it to the time I want. Is it even possible?

I would have assumed that it would be something like below but these
functions dont exist (or work that wat).

AnalogClock clock = (AnalogClock)findViewById(;




or even

SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm");
Date myDateTime = df.format("18:50");


Am I barking up the wrong tree by trying to use the AnalogClock view
for something is not designed to do? If so is there a different way to
achieve what I want?

I guess I would need to extend the AnalogClock class to make it show a
specific time of my choosing. Problem is I wouldnt know where to

I feel like I have missed something stupidly obvious but I have been
looking at it so long I cant see it :-)

Any help would be appreciated




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