WT-share : Speedtest Smart Evdo @Bandung :)

by Justinus » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:41:09 GMT

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 Mantap..... :D , sama kaya TFlash Unlimited saya yg akan saya tutup :P

hehehehe soalnya kurang speed segitu utk saya pribadi :)

Just share ;) as atch guys.. *ini pake inet gratisan loh,isi pulsa 50rb free inet slama 15hari* #Sekalian paging boss JOHAN JOJO,,ni uda ane jawab di jalum ya boss ;) smoga makin keracunan. Hahahahahahahaaha.. Tio.Ping9:36a || 4/21/2010. @bandung. es-bile.: 021-33111998 : sa...@yes-mobile.net ------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Jus* || owner white google_one || HTCClay's CSDI_REMIX_SuperCSDI_X10 v1 update 4/12/2010 ~ send using pc jang krik krik krik ~ $ www.cash-flowing.com $ -- "

WT-share : Speedtest Smart Evdo @Bandung :)

by Renner Chen » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:44:57 GMT

 Hmmm coba si speedtest yop enwan loe yg pake paketan internet yang
perbulannya uang hangus hanya untuk bayarin paket, huahahaha :kompor:

....... kaboer, wush... wush!

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japri: android.nyet....@anjroid.net

Kok cuma segitu ping?
Biasa aja dong?


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