Invoke GlobalActions dialog (Shutdown/Reboot...) on Android-x86

by Christian Erpelding » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 20:55:37 GMT

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I'm trying to port Android to the OpenFrame/Joggler. 

The problem is that this device is touch-only, i.e. it has no hardware 
buttons at all. Not even a power button.

I'd like to be able to shutdown Android in a safe way to avoid data 
loss. :-) offers a touch-only feature that can be 
started/stopped by tapping the right corner of the StatusBar.
It can simulate HOME/MENU/BACK, implemented in 

I'd like to implement a function to show the Power Off dialog that's 
normally invoked by pressing the Power button on the PC (or 
longpressing the ENDCALL key on the phone).

After reading 

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