Some info about the hardware unlocked ADP1

by » Sat, 28 Feb 2009 02:46:58 GMT

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 I have ADP1 and want to flash it with the holiday version, because
waiting the official ADP 1.1 is an unofficial waste of time.
My question is can I lock my phone if I flash it with a software
version which is for locked phones? And how the hardware unlock works?
I know that one of the difference of G1 and ADP1 is that ADP1 is
hardware unlocked and you can install anything, but how does this
work? Is there a chance to lock my phone with some software flash?

Some info about the hardware unlocked ADP1

by Jean-Baptiste Queru » Sat, 28 Feb 2009 03:11:22 GMT

 The locking happens at two levels: the bootloader (i.e. whether the
fastboot protocol is enabled or disabled) and the keys used during
recovery (i.e. whether recovery recognizes secret keys or known "test"

Replacing both of those with locked versions would lock you out of
your phone. The bootloader that the ADP1 ships with prevents you from
updating the bootloader for that specific reason.

You'll be at risk if you flash your device with a build that looks
close enough to a "locked" consumer build, as that could later cause
an automatic update to overwrite your build, and if that update
replaces both your bootloader and your recovery keys you'll be stuck.
If you flash it with a build that looks close enough to an unlocked
build, the worst that an automatic update is likely to do would be to
update you to a newer version of a similarly unlocked build, but
there's of course no guarantee.

Of course, you understand that working with builds from unknown
sources instead of official builds carries an additional level of


Jean-Baptiste M. "JBQ" Queru
Android Engineer, Google.

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