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I need some help understanding how this works.

I have an app widget that extends an AppWidgetProvider to create an
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I would like the application widget to be idle until an activity in my
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Once that service is started, I need to "wake up" the application
widget and communicate with it (i.e. tell it things to display).

So I see that AppWidgetProvider simply extends BroadcastReceiver -- so
does that mean:
1. I need to call registerReceiver in my service and tell it to filter
for certain kinds of events?
2. Can I even do #1, or will an AppWidgetProvider *only* accept
3. If #2 is correct, how can I communicate or "wake up" / trigger the
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4. Can I send events to my app widget using sendBroadcast( intent )?

Then, my app widget has some buttons on it, I need to send an intent
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setListAdapter(new ArrayAdapter<String>(this,R.layout.mycustomlayout,, list);
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Do tell me what i'm doing wrong.

I seem to be getting a nullpointerexception in the above mentioned
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