Google Checkout, Android Market broken with no way to get support

by Peter Sankauskas » Sun, 01 Mar 2009 04:48:58 GMT

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 I have a few things to address here. First lets present the first
problem I have created a bug report for: 

Reported by a user of my application:

I had a replacement phone sent to me and when I try to re-download
application, I get an unsuccessful message.

I switched the phone out first, then set up the new phone. From there,
went to "my downloads" in the market, chose the Remembory icon, then
re-install. The application acted like it was going to re-download,
said, "download unsuccessful" in the notifications area.

Thanks for getting back so soon. This happened with only two of my
downloads, this and another, and they both happen to be the ones I
paid for.

So it would seem, if you purchase an application on one phone, then
that phone dies, you get a replacement phone and try to download a
purchased application, Google Checkout and/or Android Market do not
let you download it.

This goes on top of the bug I reported earlier about a developer not
being able to download their own paid application.

The number of issues with Google Checkout and/or the Android Market is
really annoying. Worst of all, there is no way to contact Google
directly and get things sorted out.

I have given this customer a full refund to make up for Google's bug!


Google Checkout, Android Market broken with no way to get support

by V_RocKs » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 10:56:56 GMT

 Tried to buy my first item. Says there was an error. Goto to fix it. No idea what the error I am fixing is.
Think, well, maybe when I go to the page it suggests there will be
some kind of message waiting for me. There is none. I test that
everything works and I have bought things in the past just fine via
the web. Try it several more times... Same thing...

Google, you suck ass!


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