Problem in the Notepadv3 tutorial code...

by Raymond Ingles » Wed, 12 May 2010 15:12:57 GMT

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 I've been working through the Notepad tutorial (  ) and
it's been helpful. I'm aware that the second version has a bug, that
is fixed in the third stage. However, the third stage (Notepadv3)
still has a problem:

 Choose "Add Note", then change the orientation. The note editing
activity crashes when the orientation changes, in
ActivityThread.performPauseActivity() with a NullPointerException. I'm
not quite familiar enough with this platform to figure out what the
issue is. I thought it had something to do with saving the row, but I
thought I fixed that and it still bombs out.

 It's easy to reproduce the problem in the debugger. Can anyone
explain what causes the crash? This might be a very good thing to get
fixed; I presume a fair number of developers are going to look at that
code and assume it's "the way to do it"... Thanks for any help y'all
can provide!


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