Google to assist overcome piracy

by » Sun, 09 Aug 2009 03:50:22 GMT

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 We all know good apps are getting pirated and its unfair to developers
for this to happen.

We know the copy protection doesn't work as apk's still appear on
pirate sites.

So Google should help us overcome piracy by doing the following :

Provide a web service to validate whether apps have been purchased

The web service will use some kind of token that is associated with
the app after it is purchased by Google Checkout. It will send that
token to a Google Checkout web service which will confirm whether or
not this relates to a valid purchase (taking into account 24 hour
refund option).

App developers would then have the choice whether to call this web
service and how the app should deal with customers where they don't
appear to have legitimate copy, e.g. give them the chance to mail the
developer, etc.

It would be quicker for Google to build this rather than each dev
implement it differently. Also Google Checkout is collecting more
information at the point of purchase which developers don't have
access to.

What do people think?

Google to assist overcome piracy

by Mark Murphy » Sun, 09 Aug 2009 04:39:24 GMT


Third parties already offer stronger app DRM tech, such as the
AndAppStore licensing stuff. This was discussed ad nauseum about two
weeks ago on this very list:

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