How to get reference of (SQLiteDatabase) to use android contact database

by Bassel Kh » Wed, 17 Feb 2010 05:12:32 GMT

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 Hello guys,
I'm new to Android technology, so I need your help please.

I'm familiar with SQL quires, so I need to use
(SQLiteDatabase.rawQuery) in order to query (android contact
database), but the question is:

How to get reference to (SQLiteDatabase) in order to deal with android
contacts database (ready made DB from another application) ?
 I passed "\data\date\\contacts" and didn't work

In case of private database created by my application; it is easy to
do that, but in case of ready made applications like
(contacts,SMS,call logs) what should I pass to the following method as

SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(path, factory, flags)

And if I give permission to read the database; will it work?



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Thanks and Regads,

Pratik Patel

Sr. Software Engineer



email: <> 
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