Stylus and Finger support for Android

by Mike » Wed, 03 Feb 2010 04:29:39 GMT

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 After just seeing the iPad released, I noticed that there was no
stylus that comes with the device, how would you take notes?  What I
would like to see from a functional standpoint for a larger screen
platform is a set of default functions for different pointing devices
that are used.

For example if I am handwriting notes with a stylus then android is
reading it as an ink pen, but at anytime I use my finger it reads as a
pointing device and I can select, scroll, zoom etc.  No need to have
to select pen or pointer.

A quick stab at a function list.
-default pen
-double tap - menu with pen functions

single finger
-default pointer
-tap and hold - right mouse menu features
-tap and hold and drag - select

two finger
-everything that has been brought up about multi-touch

larger than a finger - i.e. base of hand resting on the screen while
writing with a stylus


Stylus and Finger support for Android

by Mike Stabile » Wed, 03 Feb 2010 04:29:40 GMT

 I think if an android tablet included a stylus it could outshine the iPad.
 Android would need to be able to have specific functionality associated
with the pointing device. For example if using a stylus the default function
would be for it to work like a pen. You could take notes, circle items, make
drawings, etc. Then point to something with your finger to select, scroll,
etc. basically all the current default functionality of using your finger in
android. If you had multi-touch then all the multi touch functionality. It
would also have to be able to ignore something larger than a finger, ie. the
base of your hand resting on the screen while using the stylus.

If this functionality was there then it could redefine note taking for
students, medical professional, lawyers etc.  Throw in a high quality camera
that could take picture of a document, save it as a PDF, immediately start
taking notes.

Would allow for you to have forms/or documents that people can sign, etc.
Virtually removing paper from offices.



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