in case of building adb composite gadget dynamically

by 娴烽 » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 23:05:22 GMT

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 i all,

I meet a question when I compiled the android composite usb driver
statically in linux2.6.28.
I found the ADB function work well, but USB Mass Storage don't work, I
had modified the VIP/PID with
0x18d1/0xdeed which meaning ADB sooner compiste driver. And I found a
new item appear in windows devices management, it is ADB Interface/
Composite sooner ADB interface , under generic serial controller, two
new items appear, one is Composite driver device, it is okay, but
another is USB mass storage is fail, errno code is 10.

Could any one can give me hint!

My cpu is pxa3xx, it run under linux2.6.28.


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