First Application_Connecting Time

by hanysderhans » Thu, 29 Oct 2009 14:42:41 GMT

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 Hi guys,

I wanna program an application in Eclipse/Android SDK with following

1. Three G1 mobile phones (mobile A, B, and C) should clearly indicate
how long (in hours, minutes or seconds) they were next to eachother or
together in a room.
Mobile "A" belongs to me (the programmer), "B" belongs to my
girlfriend and "C" to a colleague at my job.
With this application you can see if you have spend more time with
your girl-friend or with your colleague at your job.

2. When I`m at home with my girlfriend, my mobile "A" saves the time
(the "connection" time is here meant) in SQLite how long it was in the
near of my girlfriends mobile "B".
At my job it saves the time how long it was in the near of my
colleagues mobile "C".

3. When I leave home, my mobile "A" saves the connection time with "B"
and stops. When Im back at home it starts to continue to save the
connection time with "B" again.

4. After 1 month the mobile should be able to show the minimum,
average and maximum connection time to "B" and "C".

Is it possible to program such an application in Android?
Can a G1 recognize automatically that another G1 is around? If not,
what is the best way to let them communicate automatically
(bluetooth?) and how can you implement it in android?
I`m thankful for every theoretical or practical hints.