:: wat is the limit for the size of the .apk file

by Imran » Wed, 19 Nov 2008 12:32:29 GMT

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 guys help me.........


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1. trying to show a progressdialog in a lengthy task


When i first launch my main intent, i check if the application was
updated and, if yes, i decompress some asset files. This task can take
up to 15 seconds (to decompress a 6MB zip file).

So, i was trying to show a ProgressDialog to the user. However,
nothing in hell makes the dialog appear.

The lengthy method is called from onCreate. I already tried to put it
in onStart, but same thing. I also tried to run it in the ui thread,
same thing: no dialog appears, even if "isShowing" returns true.

This is the code:

    while (...)
       // a 15-second task

What can i do to make the dialog really show up on screen?




2. 2 Dimensional Array not initializing correctly

I have a 2D array that I need to initialize. I have a class that holds
all my variables name "V", so in that class I have this:

static String[][] ModelInfo = new String[300][25];

That should make 300 array variables with 25 points in it, but it
doesn't as any time I try to reference anything other than
V.ModelInfo[0][0] I get arrayindexoutofboundsexception.

I have tried initializing this in a for loop, but even that won't
work. I've tried this:

V.ModelInfo = new String[300][];
                        for(int ForNum = 0; ForNum < 300; ForNum++){
                                V.ModelInfo[ForNum] = new String[25];
What the hell am I doing wrong? I found a work around at the moment
that does this:
                        for(int ForNum = 0; ForNum < 300; ForNum++){
                                V.ModelInfo[ForNum] = new StoredArray; 
//StoredArray is
initialized as String[25].

Is there some trick to getting 2D arrays to actually work like they
are supposed to?


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