Accessibility program

by Gordon » Tue, 20 Jul 2010 16:33:09 GMT

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 Hi everyone

I'm mainly a PHP developer, and have only basic Java experience, but I
recently acquired an Android phone (A HTC Desire) and was shocked to
discover how poor the out-of-the-box accessibility features are!  I
had naturally assumed that there would be something along the lines of
the full screen zoom features in more recent versions of iPhone OS,
but there isn't.  In fact, out of the box there's no accessibility
features at all, not even the option to set a system-wide font size!

So this was my motivation for starting to investigate Android
programming, I want to start implementing some kind of full screen
zoom like the iPhone has.  I also had an idea for a simpler project to
turn the phone into a magnifier (turn the camera on, lock its focal
length to the shortest distance and turn the flash on).

I think the phone-as-magnifier app is probably something that would
make a good beginners project, so that's what I'm going to try

As for the full screen magnifier app, I'm not sure if this is
possible, or how to go about implementing it if it is.  It basically
needs to be able to overlay any other app and allow the view of that
app to be zoomed.  Could something like this be done with the provided
APIs in Android 2.1, or would it have to be baked into the OS itself?


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